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“I am a passionate advocate for the benefits of yoga, and I believe that the practice has the power to improve the lives of people all around the world. I am committed to spreading awareness and making yoga more accessible to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Whether it’s through teaching classes, sharing my own personal experiences, or working to make yoga more affordable and inclusive, I am determined to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of this wonderful practice. Yoga has changed my life for the better, and I want to do everything I can to help others experience the same joy and peace that it has brought me.”

– Ahsan Rashid

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Self Healing Hub founded by Ahsan Rashid who is devoted to establishing a community of authentic yoga teachers, schools, and practitioners as well as the preservation of yoga’s historical practices all over the world. Ahsan Rashid was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh .He has been in this field for over 15 years with love for meditation and yoga. He has graduated from Bsc in Economics and Masters in Economics . He is a true learner. Throughout his life he has attended & participated numbers of professional & spiritual pathway courses, workshops & trainings from USA, UK, Europe, Malaysia, Bangladesh & as well as from the Yoga’s mother land of India.

He has been associated & worked as CEO with numerous companies to work in Human Resource of Business Administration industry & International business relation for nearly over 20 years. Ahsan Rashid is internationally trained certified yoga & meditation trainer as well. He has conducted numbers of training sections in his spiritual journey.

For the most of his life, he has been a devoted practitioner of meditation, and at some point, he wanted to impart his skills to aspiring instructors and pupils. The Self Healing Hub was founded by him because of his exceptional combination of a highly successful economic career and profound spiritual insight.

Ahsan Rashid is is straightforward, modest, happy, and well educated. He is kind and giving in his lectures, generously imparting the wisdom and techniques that enable individuals to raise their consciousness and improve their life.His presence, compassion, and dazzling energy, which serve as a tribute to his own spiritual growth.

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