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Ms. Anu M Kumar, an experienced and dedicated yoga teacher based in Bangkok, Thailand, successfully conducted the 123rd session of the weekly #BangkokYogaMeet on Saturday, 18th March 2023, in our yoga studio. We are grateful to have Ms. Kumar as our beloved yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for more than a decade.

The 123rd session of the #BangkokYogaMeet was a tremendous success with a large number of participants attending the class. Ms. Kumar led the class with her expertise and provided guidance on various yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices. Her knowledge of yoga, combined with her enthusiasm and compassion, created a positive and welcoming environment for everyone in attendance.

Ms. Kumar is a certified yoga teacher who has trained in various styles of yoga, including Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. She has also completed advanced training in meditation, pranayama, and Ayurveda. Her extensive experience and knowledge enable her to create customized yoga sessions that meet the unique needs of each individual.

At the 123rd session of #BangkokYogaMeet, Ms. Kumar emphasized the importance of mindfulness and relaxation in yoga practice. She led the class through a series of asanas that focused on building strength, flexibility, and balance while also promoting mental calmness and relaxation.

After the class, many participants expressed their gratitude for Ms. Kumar’s guidance and support in their yoga practice. They appreciated her approachable and compassionate teaching style, which made them feel comfortable and confident in their practice.

We are pleased to announce that bookings are now open for the 124th session of #BangkokYogaMeet, which will be held on Saturday, 25th March 2023, from 7.30am to 9am. We encourage everyone to attend this session and experience the transformative power of yoga under the guidance of Ms. Anu M Kumar.

In conclusion, Ms. Anu M Kumar is a skilled and dedicated yoga teacher who is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others. We are grateful for her commitment to teaching and her contribution to the #BangkokYogaMeet community. We look forward to many more successful sessions under her guidance. For booking, please call 0843277267.

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*123rd session of weekly #BangkokYogaMeet conducted successfully on Sat, 18th Mar 2023 in our yoga studio. Thank you, Ms. Anu M Kumar, our beloved yoga teacher, for conducting the class. Bookings are open for 124th session on Sat 25th March 2023 at 7.30am to 9am. Call 0843277267.*

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