• Subject: Describe the skeletal system, muscular system, and joint system.


The skeletal system gives the body its shape, guards the internal organs, and supports muscles and tissues. The muscular system, on the other hand, moves the body, digests food, circulates blood, keeps the body stable, and maintains posture. Find out about the main parts of the skeletal system and the different kinds of muscles that make up the muscular system.

The skeleton of a person is made up of more than 200 bones. If you were asking, the exact number for adults is 206. In this lesson, we will talk about how these bones and other connective tissues are put together to make a skeletal system that gives the body its shape and keeps sensitive parts safe.

We’ll also talk about the muscular system and how it works with the skeletal system to give people a lot of different physical skills and ways to move.

System of Skeletal

Your body’s support system is made up of bones and joints. This part of the body shapes the body, lets it move, makes blood cells, protects organs, and stores minerals. This group of parts is also known as the muscular system.

What does the system of bones do?

The spinal system does a lot of different things. Besides giving us our size and shape, it:
Moves: Your spine helps you stand and move by supporting your body weight. Your muscles, joints, and connective tissue all work together to move your body.

Bone marrow is inside bones and makes blood cells. The bone marrow makes both red and white blood cells.
Keeps organs safe and healthy: The head keeps your brain safe, the ribs keep your heart and lungs safe, and the backbone keeps your spine safe.
Minerals are stored: Minerals like calcium and vitamin D are stored in your bones. 

What are the different parts of the skeleton?

There are a lot of different parts that work together to make up the skeletal system. The bones are the major part of your skeletal system. They are hard structures that make up the framework of your body. An adult’s skeleton is made up of 206 bones. 

Every bone is made up of three main parts:
Periosteum: This is a tough covering that goes around the outside of the bone and keeps it safe.
Below the periosteum, compact bone is white, hard, and smooth. It supports the structure and keeps it safe.
The inside of a spongy bone is softer than the inside of a compact bone. It has pores, which are small holes that can hold marrow.

These are the other parts of your skeletal system:
It’s made up of smooth, bendable material that covers the ends of your bones where they meet. It keeps bones from rubbing against each other while they move. When cartilage goes away, like in arthritis, it can hurt and make it hard to move.

Joints: Two or more bones in the body meet at a joint. There are three kinds of joints. 

These are the different kinds of joints:
Joints that don’t move: Some joints, like the ones between your head bones, don’t let the bones move at all.
Partially mobile joints: These joints can move in some ways but not others. Some parts in your rib cage can move.
Movable joints: You can move these joints in a lot of different ways. The joints in your elbow, shoulder, and knee can move.
Ligaments: Strong bands of tissue called ligaments hold bones together.
Tendons are bands of tissue that connect the ends of muscles to bones.

The muscular system is made up of skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and heart muscle. In addition to letting the body move, it also keeps the stance straight and moves blood around the body. [1] Animals with backbones have nerve systems that control their muscles. However, some muscles, like the heart muscle, can work on their own.

It is part of the muscular system, which moves the body. It works with the skeletal system in humans.


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